Sunday, August 31, 2008

Phase 1

I thought that I would share a time table for those of you who are interested in the next few weeks at our house!

Benjamin goes into the hospital Monday on the 8th of September. He will be there a week. The first day we will be finishing the neurological psychological testing that he refused to finish the other day when we were at the hospital... BIG surprise that he refused to do something that was timed and scheduled...
The second day we will be having a PET scan of the brain. The third day we will be having the CT scan. That is what i know of the schedule as of now...After all of those test we will return to the room and they will try to stress out a seizure. I am not sure how hard they will have to stress him? He has seizures all of the time and we are not even trying to force them! Just taking a few less pills will make him preform like a well trained circus animal. I am sure they will get the information that they need. He will of course be having the video EEG the whole time we are there. We are scheduled to come home Friday on the 12th of that week.
After we come home we will have a meeting with the neurological surgeons around the week of the 22nd of September. At that time we will schedule the Phase 2 of the surgery. They tell us that we will be in sometime in October for the actual surgery. We are excited to be able to think about life with Benjamin seizure free! It seems like a miracle to even type the words let alone imagine what life will be like for him not having to take a million pills and worrying all of the time about where he is and if he is having a seizure. Always having someone with him, Abigail and Nathaniel are even used to him seizing they just yell to us from where ever they are and watch him to make sure that he is not falling and getting hurt until a bigger person can come wait and watch making sure that he is safe.
It is a wonderful time to be alive. Technology has improved so many things and hopefully in October I will report how it has changed his sweet life for the better!
Keep us in your prayers!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Things that make you go BLAHHHHHH...............

There are a few things in the life of a woman that take you back and make you realize that YOUR youth is not only slipping away but, in fact, had LONG since escaped your grasp! You can fool yourself while shopping with your youthful children that you are one of them... People always thinking that you are just an older sister or older friend who has found a kinship with some girls younger than herself. Sitting in the kindergarten classroom you could look around and think to yourself, "I do not look THAT old. Boy are my kids lucky to have such youthful parents!" As you walk the halls of the high school you think, surely the other kids are wondering why such a young looking person is checking out that youth from school... Must be a slightly older sister or an aunt surely thay could not be the parent.

As your children grow you remember the details of thier lives with startling clarity. The first time you ever laid eyes on them, Heck you remember the first time they ever moved in the womb! The outfit that you brought them to come home from the hospital, The first little cute poopey, The first time they sit and crawled, The first steps, The first words, Your whole life now becomes changed as you spend it cataloging every first. It is truely amazing that you forget the long night they spent crying, The hard times just seemed more bearable because they were there. Time passes in strange quick bursts. One day you think that you will never graduate high school and then have a child that you for sure just gave birth to graduating from high school. However you can still fool yourself into thinking that you are young because you have other kids that are still young so therefore, you have not really gotten that old.

Then "IT" happened.... The "THING" that I could not shelter myself from any longer. My sense of reality, my unfaltering reality, shattered... time HAD in fact been passing and Quickly. The bubble that I had been shielding myself with, from that painful reality, was burst into a million tiny peices. Yes in deed, I have been getting older everyday just like my kids! The phrase that would send me into a spiraling time zone letting me know that I was in fact not just older BUT OLD!!!!

It was those two nasty little words that would change my life forever and ever, for time and all eternity... I DO!!!

And in saying those two nasty little words, over an alter, my youthful daughter took me from the safety zone I was living in to a new realm.

Last week was one of THOSE realizations for me as I went from young mother of many to.... MOTHER~IN~LAW!!!

No doubt sooner than I would want or imagine she will again through me into a cataclizmic reality and a completely differnt realm when she annoucnes that I will no longer be just a mom or mother~in~law but also a GRANDMA!!!