Thursday, September 11, 2008

Our Days In The Hospital!

Benjamin and I have been in the hospital now for 4 days and we were getting BORED! So, I thought that I would blog a bit about the boredom...

Here are a few pics of Ben and the nurse who was doing the ictal testing however he has not had a seizure YET!!!!

How can it be that at home he has them all of the time and of course at the hospital where they want to see them and record them they stay away!
So we have been here and seriously we have had 2 seizures. One while they were putting the EEG on his head and on e the other night while he was in the bathroom and the video cameras were not recording! Just our LUCK... or Lack of Luck!
Looks like we will be doing this all over if they do not get the imaging that they need! Wooo hoooo... Another week of sitting on my bum doing nothing! Not really nothing...I clipped and organized my coupon books which I was weeks behind, I finished all of the blocks for a quilt top but did not put it together because I did not want to lay out the blocks on the hospital floor! I re organized my scrap booking tote... I read Midnight Sun AGAIN!! I love it and I will be so happy when Stephenie Meyer finishes it. I have faith that she will because she will need closure just a little time I think! Now I think I will read The Host of course by Stephenie Meyer, Or I could finish Mansfield Park... I am half way thru that... So much time and so few things to do!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

First Day of School

Well today is the big day that I have been waiting for!

The day that all of my kids are in school full time... What a long road it has been to get to this point! Of course Rebecca is not is school right now however, she is married and does not live at home so I do not think that it counts. Here are a few pictures of the kids on their first day back to school!

Nathaniel is very excited!

Benjamin has to catch the bus by 7:20! WOW that was early!

Abigail always has to have something pink on! What a beautiful girl!

Sabrina was off to school to early to get a actual picture of her before school. So here is a very recent picture of her! She is taking advances zoology this year and had to do a summer project. She needed to collect 20 bugs, pin them and categorize them. She did not think it was going to be fun however, she really got into it catching the bugs. Funny story! She went to turn in the project the first day of school and the teacher looked at her and said you have until OCTOBER to turn it in! Guess he was on the phone when she picked up the summer work packet and forgot to tell her that it was not due until later... I think it was great to get it out of the way during the summer and not have to work on it during the time she would have other things on her mind... At least that is what I told her!