Saturday, June 14, 2008

MY Quirks!

Lets see 6 things about me that are quirky.... where to start?

1. I CAN NOT think with clutter around me. Papers, mail, toys, clothing, everything in its place and every place with its thing! I can never start my days outings if the house in not tiddy... I think this is because I do not like to come home to a mess. I HATE waking up to a mess so I would rather stay up late nad clean up the dishes or the house than go to bed and wake up knowing that there are chorse to be done. All chorse or cleaning must be done before I will start any new project. no scrapping or painting until all is clean... guess what... I work a lot and don't play every much because it takes all of my time to clean before I have to get to the next task like now it is lunch or dinner or something else that HAS to be done. Don't feel sorry for me however, it is the way I llike that is way it is MY quirk.

2. The day that i wash my sheets I like to have my legs shaved as well... I dont know??? just do!

3. When I drive I like it to be quiet no radio no anything... but if the radio is on we are going to be ROCKIN' OUT! pretty much at the loudest it goes so I do not even hear the kids if they are yellin at me!

4. I memorize the lisenced plates that are around me... just in case... the other day I actually used it and call in a drunk driver that was all over the road.. literally over the yellow line and then in the dirt... very scarry we were on a two way street and I was I hope that the person got caught... Is that Bad???

5. I don't read books... I finally want to read books for pleasure however, I do not have the time. I keep thinking this is a season of life thing??? maybe that will change? I want to learn what the classics are and then read them... So I have read only: harry potter, the lion the witch and the wardrobe and the davinci code that about sums up my reading list... Makes me feel uneducated but really I am SUPER smart... :)

6. I had to go back and look at jen's blog to remember the other quirkky things about me... I ALWAYS see the numbers 439 and 849. Nothing has ever happened with these numbers one was my prefix on my phone when I was a kid and the other was a street that I lived off of in Texas. other than that I have no clue why I see them. I also like to have my money ascending order... even worse I like to give my chnage in a roll in my hand. Fopr instance... if I had to make 68 cents... i would have 2 quarters, 1 dime, 1 nickel, and 3 pennies in a rool in the palm of my hand... idk... just do!

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Thursday, June 5, 2008

It Begins!

WELL... Like my sisters and friends I am caving to peer pressure and... starting a blog! PLEASE do not expect much... I am not even sure that I can remember to BLOG... Most of the time I can not remember my kids names!