Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Where have I BEEN?!?!

I took an extended vacation from bloggin! I am back... (for today)

So far we have had a great year. Ben is having his brain surgery on the 27th of April. We are looking forward to not having seizures! If you want to learn about it look up "intracranial eeg" and it should take you to a web site about epilepsy and you can learn from there! I started facebooking... CRAZY... but I did. Do I really want to connect with so many people? Am I a private person? I did not know that I was until I started blogging and facebooking...and I would be thinking, do I want to share "that". But oh well...I did!

Kids are great, Brad is great... We are living the everyday life, working and eating and drinking and cleaning up after we are finished.

I have been decorating the house... Of Course... and I finally figured out how to get the room Benjamin has always wanted! He wanted clouds that reminded him of being in heaven, but really he is 12 and I was having a problem with it! To top it off he wanted ME to paint them.. SURE... But, Lowes to the rescue! I found wallpaper and then a wonderful surprise they had vintage wallpapper planes. That is 12 year old boy. So clouds it is!


Moira-Lin said...

Finally! You posted! :)
I love his room. You did such a great job.

Sharlynn said...

That room looks so fun. I didn't know Ben was having surgery. I will keep him in my prayers as well as your family. Good luck with all of that. You have always been so good at decorating. My house needs some major help. Oh and I am glad you are back. No more vacations from blogging. We do want to know what is going on.

Christine said...

I'm so glad you are back and blogged an update! I see Becca every once-in-a-while and she keeps telling me that you're fine - no details, though. Glad ot hear that Ben is having a life-changing operation soon. I know that will be a blessing.

Mandie said...

I am thrilled you're back to blogging, we miss you. It makes me feel better to know what you are up to! LOL. Great looking room as always, I have the same problem, except I keep hearing "I want a space room like Ben." I'm thinking I'll pay the $$ to fly you out to do it for me!

Natalie said...

AWESOME! And Ben looks really good in that picture! Kiss that boy for me! :) Hope you can find time to maintain your poor, weak from malnourishment blog. :D